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SSIARS Booth at the Fall Fair 2022

The Salt Spring Island Fall Fair produced by the Farmers Institute

The 2022 Fall Fair was a great chance to connect with islanders, meet members we haven't seen in person since before Covid, connect with other emergency preparedness resources in the community, and meet potential new ham radio operators. I was really glad of the opportunity to let the Salt Spring Community know that we radio operators are still here, still practicing on the air every week of the year, and still working to improve local radio communications.

Squelch was named at the Fall Fair this year, in a draw of entries from club members


Meet Squelch the Velociraptor.

We had a draw amongst club members to find a name for our dinosaur, and Squelch was the name drawn.

So perfectly appropriate for a friendly marauding APRS equipped dinosaur.

We demonstrated radio direction finding by equipping Squelch with a fox, and letting fairgoers have a turn with a yagi antenna, attenuator and a HT set up for Foxhunting. Squelch was hunted three times a day both days of the fair!

If you didn't have foxhunting equipment, you might have found Squelch simply by following the variously astounded, adoring, appalled or flabbergasted gazes of toddlers.

This is the SSIARS President...
Don't worry, he did survive this velociraptor attack, although so few do!

Squelch the Velociraptor attacking VE7ASI the Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Society President, fortunately he somehow managed to survive the attack

Taking a break from rampaging as a dinosaur & rocking the safety vest.

Andrea VA7ALG at the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair 2022

The Club's Executive were all there over the weekend, and some past executive members too.

The Club dinosaur was very popular with the children, the ones who didn't get eaten at least.

SSIARS President, members, past president, and the club dinosaur Squelch, about to dine upon two small children

Not quite the cover of Rolling Stone...

Photo by VA7TUF on the cover of the TCA!

Cover of the TCA Jan/Feb 2023 Issue
Cover of the TCA Jan/Feb 2023 Issue

Several club members helped put togeter an article about the Club's booth at the Fall Fair, and the TCA was kind enough to run it with our photo.

Article from the TCA Jan/Feb 2023 Issue
Article from the TCA Jan/Feb 2023 Issue

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~ Andrea VA7ALG


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