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Getting your license? Useful for new hams: Canada - USA
Interested in Salt Spring Island? Local info: SSI Radio - SSI General
Links for learning tools for MORSE Code
Links for YL's Women in radio YL Links
Earthquake Preparedness resource links Earthquake Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness information resources Emergency Preparedness
Some really useful products Cool stuff
Ham entertainment Entertainment
Misc wit for hams Funny
Vanity links: some of my other websites

Canadian HAM Links

License exam generating software to practice for your test

When you're ready for your test, search for an available call sign!$.startup

Industry Canada Reference links for HAM-Class students

Radio Amateurs of Canada - Canada's National Amateur Radio Society

Canadian Space Weather -

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Want to learn Morse Code?
Training software

Just Learn Morse Code

Morse Machine

For Women Hams * YL Clubs

CLARA - Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association

YLRL - Young Ladies Radio League

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Local Salt Spring Island Radio Resources

Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club SSIARC:


Local repeater information:
Salt Spring:




Island Trunk System:

Salt Spring Island Community Information

Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Society SSIARS: (formerly a club, SSIARC)

Salt Spring Island Fire and Rescue

RCMP on Salt Spring

Salt Spring Island Search and Rescue

Other local Salt Spring websites

Gulf Islands Driftwood -

Salt Spring Artists Studio Tour -

Salt Spring Island History -

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American Radio Resources

Ham Course online -

American Radio Relay League -

Really Useful Products

Pak-Lite 9-Volt LED Flashlight:

Canadian supplier for MRE's:

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Ham Entertainment

When all else fails... set to music you'll recognize! Very witty video on YouTube

Earthquake Preparedness Information

PEP Program - Emergency Management BC's information on the subject of Earthquake preparedness - what to do to prepare your home and family etc. -

A checklist to help you and your family prepare to survive and earthquake and the first 72 hours after -

Not just Earthquakes - more emergency preparedness topics from PEP -

Government of Canada information on preparing for an earthquake -

Natural Resources Canada information on Earthquake preparedness -

ShakeOutBC - an earthquake preparedness Drill - more drill and planning information -

Insurance Industry information on Earthquake Preparedness - Tips on Earthquake-Preparation

Red Cross information on preparing for an earthquake -

Earthquake Proof your Bedroom - excellent blog-post:

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Some USA Resources

CDC information on Preparing for an earthquake -

More CDC Info -

More Earthquake Info

Earthquake predictions -

Popular Mechanics article - Can We Escape the Million-Death Earthquake? -

Preparedness Game called 'Beat the Quake' -

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General Emergency Preparedness Information

Canadian Resources

Canadian Red Cross - Preparing for Emergencies
Red Cross Preparedness Guide PDF File

Public Safety Canada Emergency Management

Canadian Emergency Management Organizations

TRAINING: Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness is now the Emergency Management and Public Safety Institute

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American Resources

USA - CDC - Emergency Preparedness
CDC Family Plan for Emergencies

USA - Red Cross Prepare your family

FEMA's Preparedness Plan information -

A Survival/Preparedness Blog -

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Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek that ever lived -

The Vanity Links - some of my websites:

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