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The development of radio communications has a fascinating history, and I keep discovering moments in Ham-History that enthrall me; and I'll be writing more about that soon. In the meantime, I'll start with a few personal milestones on my own Ham-development time line.

Personal Radio Time line

Amazing new HT, a Yaesu FT3D. What an amazing piece of equipment, I'm still learning it (which will almost certainly be something I'm still saying next year). I'm now active with a YL net as well as Emergency Communications nets. Also, back on the SSIARS (same club, new name) Executive as Treasurer.

Yipee! I'm expanding my involvement with emergency radio nets - I still participate in the Salt Spring Island net on Wednesdays at 7pm, and I often try to check into the PEP net too. I'm still operating from my TAD base station, using my copper plumbing J-Pole built with the club at our 2013 J-Pole party (photo below) and I now have a HT as well.

Treasurer for my local ham club again this year. Late in 2014 I moved to Vancouver Island, and I'm now operating from the Cowichan Station area south of Duncan BC, still a member of the SSIARC, but I'm no longer on the executive in 2015.

September 2013
The Salt Spring Island Fall Fair. More Fall Fair fun; fox hunting (radio direction finding), radio text messaging, antenna testing, radio email, and live QSO's from all over the world.

VA7ALG Andrea and VE7SJW Wilf staffing the SSIARC booth at the Salt Spring Island Fall Fair September 2013 SSIARC Fall Fair booth radio equipment
June 2013
J-Pole Party! Wow, an antenna bee is a great event, six of us built our own 'home brew' J-Pole antennas from copper plumbing parts, coaxial cable and a few bits and pieces. Soldering with a torch is a bit of a learning curve, I like my soldering iron better than before!

VA7ALG Andrea and VE7CZN Jim building J-Pole antennas J-Pole home brew from copper pipe and soldering with a torch
Spring 2013
Operating from the south end of Salt Spring Island, discovering the mixed joys of metal roofs for the first time!

January 2013
My 1 year Hamiversary!

December 2012
Elected (acclaimed? appointed? voluntold?) as Treasurer of the SSIARC, joining a skilled executive and hoping that rolling coins is my biggest responsibility.

October 18, 2012
Shake Out BC October 18 2012 - visit for more information Shake-Out BC - an earthquake preparedness event in British Columbia Canada on October 18th at 10:18 am local time.

This is not really a radio event, rather a general emergency planning and preparedness event, with community and province wide participation. Last year I thought about household safety and preparing a 'grab-and-go' bag, our food and water supply (for people and pets), and the first aid kit; but this year my earthquake planning will include my radio equipment too!

For more information on Shake-Out BC visit here:

September 30, 2012
Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club annual BBQ and Foxhunt - I love foxhunting!

September 15, 2012
Helped with the SSIARC booth at the Fall Fair, got to try Fox-hunting!

VA7ALG & VE7TEP at the Salt Spring Fall Fair

VA7ALG and VE7TEP at the Salt Spring Fall Fair 2012
Photo by Jim VE7CZN

VA7ALG Foxhunting, fortified with Candy Floss!

VA7ALG Foxhunting 2012
Photo by Esme

September 5, 2012
Connected with Clara's TTT Net via Echo-Link, spoke with women hams from around the world!

August 22, 2012
Net Control for the weekly SSI Emergency Communications net

VA7ALG riding sweep for the Velo Village bicycle event on Salt Spring Island June 23 2012
Photo by Michael Powell VE7GMI

June 23, 2012
Assisted with communications and acted as a mobile APRS tracking point, by motorcycle, following a group of bicyclists for the Velo Village event.

June 20, 2012
Net Control for the SSI Emergency Communications net

May 2012
Joined Clara - the Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association

March 28, 2012
Checked in with several local emergency communications nets, on Salt Spring and Vancouver Island.

March 21, 2012
Net Control for the Salt Spring Emergency Communications net, for the first time!

March 9, 2012
First contact on the air! Spoke with several members of my local amateur radio club.

January 2012
Received my 'Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio, with Honours' from Industry Canada ... I got my license!
Joined the Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club - the SSIARC

October 2011
Enrolled in a Ham radio course offered by local Amateur radio club

Thanks for visiting... hope to meet you on the air! 73
~ Andrea VA7ALG


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