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...I'll bet you guessed that part already! And if you know any HAM's who aren't from Earth, I'd like to be introduced to your alien friends!

International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 -



Canada Canadian Radio
In Canada the Amateur Radio Service is governed by Industry Canada
I was born in Toronto Ontario Canada although I've moved around Ontario, and more recently across Canada to BC

Canadian Time Zones, Geography and other links:

British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia Canada British Columbia is Canada's most western province, and my newly adopted home.

Provincial Government website:

The Gulf Islands - Salt Spring is the largest of the southern Gulf Islands

Information on the Gulf Islands:

Visitors Information:

Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is located between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island, and nestled amongst a cluster of smaller islands.

Salt Spring Island is home to plants and trees not seen elsewhere in Canada, such as the Arbutus tree and the Garry Oak tree, interestingly rare creatures such as the Great Banana Slug; as well as artists, writers, painters, sculptors and a wide assortment of other independant thinkers.

Local Resources:

Local area maps:


Specifically monitoring on VE7RSI 147.320 on Mt. Bruce on Salt Spring Island

VE7RSI, the 147.320 Repeater on SSI, seen here in the winter in a photo taken by VE7WNF

VE7RSI, the 147.320 Repeater on SSI, seen here in the winter
Photo by VE7WNF

More about Salt Spring

The Fall Fair

On Salt Spring Island the Farmer's Institute puts on the wonderful Fall Fair, with all kinds of rural delights from the zucchini races to the squash judging, displays of fancy chickens and a lot of fun fair food too! The Salt Spring Island Amateur Radio Club has a booth at the Fall Fair some years...

2022 Fall Fair

Andrea VA7ALG at the 2022 Fall Fair club booth

2013 Fall Fair

Andrea VA7ALG and Wilf VE7SJW at the 2013 Fall Fair Club booth

The Banana Slug

Wonderful local wildlife includes the very large indigenous slug called the Banana Slug. In this video clip, you can see the slug slowly progressing across the path, when they are startled by a dry leaf that gets blown over their head, which results in a very slow fright response.

Turns out, the slug takes down it's antenna in windy weather! Thanks Slug, that's good advice!

p.s. No slugs were harmed in the filming of this video!

Thanks for visiting... hope to meet you on the air! 73
~ Andrea VA7ALG


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